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Horacio Matarasso

Horacio is a biologist and a passionate birder. He started birding at college so he decided to study biology at Buenos Aires University to dedicate himself to ornithology and as birding guide.
He used to work at the University and he did research works about birds in Patagonia where he lived for 18 years. There he was a professor and Director of the Ornithology Center at the University. He also led birding courses, where other people were caught on birding passion.
Now, living in Buenos Aires city, and he is C.E.O of Buenos Dias Birding. Horacio is president of the International Committee of the South American Birdfair, is member of the executive committee of the World Birdfairs Council, vicepresident of the National Asociation of Birdwatching Guides and member of Wetlands International at the Latin American office.

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