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Giselle Mangini

Giselle Mangini lives in Tucuman, Argentina. She was raised in an isolated and preserved area in Salta, Argentina, where naturally a lot of animals are seen. Since then, she has had a particular interest in nature, mainly in understanding how different species interact with each other. This led her to pursue an Ecology degree at the University of La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Whilst studying in the university she developed a natural passion for birds and decided to pursue a PhD in biological sciences. Her PhD was about mixed flocks of birds in the Yungas foothill forest of Argentina, studying the benefits that birds gain by joining flocks and understanding the reasons behind this social behavior. During her time at university, while doing her PhD and ever since, Giselle spent a lot of time travelling, birding and exploring different countries and places. Her travels include, in particular, visits across northern Argentina (Yungas, Puna, Atlantic forest, Dry Chaco, Wetlands), Brazil, Bolivia, Perú and Ecuador. Since 2017 Giselle has been working as volunteer reviewer for eBird Argentina, helping to contribute to the bird knowledge in her home country. Currently, she has a post-doctoral positionin Tucuman province where she keeps developing her research on mixed flocks of birds. She hopes that someday humanity can understand to live and cooperate with other species in the same way that mixed flocks do.

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