South America: Best birdwatching destination of the world

South America has 3% of the surface of the Earth, however it has almost 35 % of the whole number of bird species of the world! Also twice as many endemic families of birds as any other continent. Tinamous, chachalacas, conebills, macaws, penguins, hummingbirds, tyrants or tanagers, are some of the groups of interest for birders of the world. The habitats range from torrid rainforests and mountain cloudforests to grasslands, the world's driest desert -Atacama-, second highest mountain range, and ice caps. The continent includes the archipelagos of Trinidad and Tobago, the Galapagos and Malvinas Islands, the Netherland Antilles, and part of Antarctica. South America also has the world's sparsest population of birdwatchers and a vast swath of this underexplored birder's paradise.

To know better this continent, South America has these regions, each with their own speciaties:
- Rainforests: Two different rainforests inside the "amazonian domain" are the amazonian jungle and the "mata atlantica" at eastern Brazil. The amazonian rainforest cover most of the continent and 11 of the 13 countries have this tropical forest (except Chile and Uruguay). Plenty of wildlife, only Brazil has the record of more than 180 endemic species
- Pampas: a huge plain grassland, mainly in Argentina but also in Uruguay, south of Brazil and Paraguay
- Patagonia:Shared by Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is perhaps the wildest region of the continent. With more than 40 endemic species, Patagonia is one of the destinations chosen by birdwatches
- Andes Mountains. The vertebral column of the continent, at the west, from Tierra del Fuego (Argentina and Chile) to Colombia , is covered by high steppes, forests, ice and Paramo. Forests at higher altitudes on the planet, are developed with Polylepis trees, at more than 4000 metres over see level and plenty of endemisms.
- Wetlands: Three huge and wild wetlands, each the size of a country, are premium destinations for birdwatchers: Pantanal (Paraguay and Brazil), Iberá (Argentina) and Los Llanos (Venezuela and Colombia)

The avid birder and the general wildlife enthusiast organize eventful journeys throughout the richest continent for birds, where the species number over three thousand. A single birding trip could find 200 or 300 species in a couple of weeks.
And including birds such the Scarlet Ibis, Andean Condor, Harpy Eagle, Sunbittern, Macaws, Toucans, Screamers, Antbirds or Cotingas

South America is the first option to birding trip for the serious birders who understand where to see birds on our world. If you didn't go to South America yet, don't wait to organize your next trip to the best birdwatching destination of the whole world.

How to know the whole list of birds of South América? One possibility is to consult one of the Classification Committees of the continent: The SACC (South American Classification Committee) of American Ornithologists' Union