Horacio Matarasso

He is a biologist and a bird watcher at the same time. Since high school he has been a bird watcher, he graduated as a biologist at the University of Buenos Aires, with a first specialization in Ecology and Birds.

He then settled in the Andean-Patagonian region, where he lived for 18 years, working as a university professor, directing the University's Ornithology Center, and conducting research in ornithology.

Since 1996 he has taught bird watching courses open to the community.

In 2014 he returned to live in Buenos Aires, as C.E.O. Good Morning Birding.

Currently, he is President of the International Committee of the South American Bird Fair, member of the Executive Committee of the World Birdfairs Council and Vice President of the Association of Guides of Argentina.


He studied business administration at UADE. He developed mainly in the area of ​​programming and finance. He began in the world with his own technological ventures and then traveled to Silicon Valley for six months where he perfected his programming knowledge and built a network in this world. He is now in charge of the commercial area of Good Morning Birding, providing an administrative and technological perspective to the company.


He grew up in San Martín de los Andes and moved to Buenos Aires to study Audiovisual Arts. Later, he trained in design and digital marketing. He worked in the communication area of tourism companies and the Argentine office of Wetlands Internatonal. He now works as communication director for Good Morning Birding.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied piano from the age of 6 and today is a Composition student at the university. He is passionate about languages and having opportunities for cultural exchange. When you write us an email with any question, he is the one who answers you.



I grew up on the lands of the threatened Loica Pampeana, south of Buenos Aires, and since I was little I had a close relationship with birds and the natural world in general, I spent my childhood among the undulating grasslands of the southwest of Buenos Aires and the forests of the Coastal Park del Sur, where part of my family lived. Without a doubt, birds have been part of my life since I was little and today, in addition to my passion, it is my source of work that I do with great enthusiasm. I've been all over the country bird watching, but the coast and the pampas are my favorite regions to spend time in the countryside.


Fabricio is an Argentine biologist and freelance bird guide. From an early age, his interest in birding led him to focus his professional career on the study and preservation of Neotropical bird species. Today he is doing a doctorate at the National University of Tucumán and complements his work as a bird guide. In addition, Fabricio is the leader of the eBird project in Argentina, actively collaborating with the scientific team of Aves Argentinas. For him, bird watching represents a powerful way to connect with nature and value its conservation.


I really like to travel, which is why I studied tourism. When I graduated I moved to Patagonia, where my passion for birds was born. I love my country and I want to show its corners to each person who visits it. I hope you enjoy it as I do every time I go birding.


She lives in Tucuman, Argentina. She grew up in a remote and well-preserved area in the province of Salta, Argentina, where she was naturally able to observe a great diversity of animals. This led her to study Ecology at the University of La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In particular, her travels include all of northern Argentina (Yungas, Puna, Atlantic Forest, Chaco Seco, Humedales), Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Since 2017, Giselle has been collaborating as a reviewer for eBird Argentina, helping to contribute to the knowledge of birds in her native country.


She was born in the Province of Buenos Aires and 22 years ago came to Puerto Madryn in the Patagonia region, seeking to study a career to transmit my passion for nature and collaborate in some way in its conservation. Her studies in biology led her to the world of tourism, and she eventually became a Professional Tour Guide. Then the world of birds led her to continue traveling inside and outside the country, carrying out study activities and also working as a Bird Guide.

Francisco González Táboas

Francisco has been a passionate bird watcher and naturalist since he was very young. He has traveled almost every corner of Argentina looking for rare birds and working on numerous conservation projects for endangered species and working in the National Parks Administration. He is the author, together with Tito Nsrosky, of the Buenos Aires Bird Guide, among other publications. Furthermore, he specializes in birds of the pampas and grasslands and knows the provinces of Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos like few others.