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Argentina Northwest: Andes & Rainforests
Birding and also wines in Argentina’s Northwest

The high altitude lakes and steppes of the Andean plateau or Puna are home to endemic species of this extreme habitat. The land that was once part of the Inca Empire awaits you with numerous birding surprises and superb wines!
Historic Inca Villages
Excellent local wineries
Highest elevation forests in the world (at 4000m asl)

Giant Hummingbird, Rufous-throated Dipper, Chaco Chachalaca, Sandy Gallito, Black-legged Seriema, Andean Flicker, Andean Flamingo, Andean Goose, Diademed Sandpiper-Plover, Tucuman Mountain-Finch

The northwest of Argentina is a region of amazing natural contrast and diversity. This trip will offer you a transect from the Tucuman grasslands and Yungas cloud forests to the Andean Plateau at more than 3300m asl close to the border with Bolivia. It will involve navegating and exploring the numerous ravines and canyons, covered by enormous cacti and dense thickets, in search of various endemic species. Since 1880, these valleys and ravines have been home to high-altitude vineyards that produce world-class Malbec and Cabernet wines, plus a local renowned variety known as “Torrontes”, cultivated at the foot of stunning reddish limestone formations.
Regarding nature and birding, the trip combines extreme natural environments such as high elevation rainforests and the otherworldly Altiplano, adding different species in each one.

Day 1: Flight from Buenos Aires to Tucumán. Typical andean lunch and birding in Los Sosa Ravine and Tafí del Valle grasslands, where our target birds will be the Torrent Duck, the Rufous-throated Dipper among a great number of birds of the cloud forests, including warblers and tanagers. Overnight in Tafí del Valle.

Day 2: Tafí del Valle grasslands, lake and cloud forests, with herons, ducks, grebes and coots – Drive across El Infiernillo, with oportunities for the endemic Tucuman Mountain-Finch and Shrike-Tyrants, the Calchaquí Valleys and scrublands, with Tinamous and Rheas, visiting La Rosa Vineyards and wineries. Special Wine testing of mountain wines, and the argentinean Torrontes. Hotel in Cafayate

Day 3: Birding at Monte woods and at the foot of cliffs, looking for Red-tailed Comet, Sandy Gallitos, Chiguanco Thrush and Andean Swifts. Visit Piatelli vineyard and wineries, where we will have lunch and taste their delicious wines. Malbec and local varieties. Hotel in Cafayate.

Day 4: Calchaqui Valley. Drive across the Calchaquí Valley, with stops at several locations along a diverse and beautiful mountain territory that was once part of the Inca Empire. The target bird will be woodpeckes specialized in big cactus and big birds of pray like Black chested Eagle. Hotel in Cachi

Day 5: Early morning departure across Los Cardones National Park, with stops at the vast cacti groves and mountain grasslands. Well see the Andean Tinamou, Vermilion Flycatcher, and furnarid of the Andes. Hotel in Salta.

Day 6: Drive from Salta to Jujuy along Abra de Santa Laura Pass and cloud forest habitats, inhabits for tropical tanagers, parrots, euphonias, grosbeaks. Hotel accommodation in Jujuy, acient city form the Inca's time.

Day 7: Warm valleys and cloud forests at Portal de Piedra Ranch. This is a birding lodge in a very wild area, where the humid forest end and the Cacho dry forests start. A special day for tucanos, trogons, and hummingbirds. Night in Eco-Portal de Piedra

Day 8: Full day in Chaco Forests, where is possible find Andshrikes, Woodcreepers, Puffbirds and Canasteros. Night at Eco-Portal de Piedra

Day 9: Drive across the Humahuaca Ravine, with one of the highest forest of the world (Polyplepis sp.) visiting Dupont Winery, a good place for birding and tasting their local high wines. Species wine testing. Overnight in Tilcara.

Day 10: Humahuaca Ravine and Andean Plateau (3,300 m.above the sea level) up to the border with Bolivia in La Quiaca. Some specialities of the Puna like Andean Flickers, plovers andean avocets, and ibis . Pozuelos Lake Natural Monument and the three species of flamingos. Overnight in Tilcara.

Day 11: Drive back to Jujuy and flight to Buenos Aires. Tango Dinner and night in Buenos Aires.

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12 days
March to November
Species in the trip
Monte, Chaco Woods, Yungas and High Andes
Target birds

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